Saturday, December 20, 2008

You Get What You Focus On

Do you find yourself thinking mainly about the bad things in your life? Do you look at the future and assume that things will turn out badly for you? Watch out! It is likely that you will get what you focus on. Even the Biblical character Job, who suffered the loss of everything, made the statement, "That which I have greatly feared has come to pass." Is it possible that his disasters happened partly because his focus was on the negative instead of on the positive?

You don't have anything to lose by thinking positively and focusing on the beneficial things you desire. If your focus is on defeat and despair, you will be miserable even if it never happens. On the other hand, a positive, upbeat focus will have you in a good state of mind even if a mishap occurs. Ask any positive thinker, though, and they will tell you that you get good things if you expect good things.

Your focus can be increased in a variety of ways. Positive affirmations are a traditional approach. Whatever you hope to achieve or gain in life, turn it into a single simple statement. For instance, if you want to lose weight, you can tell yourself something like, "I am enjoying lighter meals and am satisfied with smaller portions." Try telling yourself your affirmations every morning several times when you first rise, and again in the evening before going to sleep.

Many people like to post their positive focus statements on the bathroom mirror where they will see them while they brush their teeth in the morning. You might like to write them inside your daily planner as well. Another idea is to write encouraging notes to yourself on each page of your planner or calendar. Keep those positive ideas before your eyes if you wish to improve the strength of your focus.

Some people have enjoyed creating a collage or dream box to increase their positive focus. A collage can be made of magazine pictures, words, and statements that point your heart to your desired outcomes. A dream box is simply a place to keep success stories, motivating pictures and other inspiring odds and ends you collect as you go through life.

Do you write New Year's resolutions? The beginning of the year is a natural time to evaluate your life and set goals. Don't follow the popular idea that resolutions are all broken withing a few weeks. If a goal is worth pursuing, don't give up on it. Believe you can achieve it. Believe you will achieve it. Write your resolutions down and look at them from time to time as the year progresses. They might be challenging, but by keeping them in your focus, you might reach some of them. Congratulate yourself for every small victory on your road to success.

Yes, you get what you focus on. Make sure you are setting your sights on success and achievement and not on failure. Whatever you set your mind to, you can accomplish.

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