Thursday, December 25, 2008

How To Change Your Life In 21 Days

Imagine that you can become a millionaire, you have all the money that you want, you can buy everything that you want and own everything that you ever dream of. Of course, becoming a millionaire is just an example. Maybe you’ve other dream and goal. Maybe you want to live a happy life and live healthily.

What if I tell you that you can achieve this kind of lifestyle all in 21 days?

What will you do then?

Pavlov, the man who discovered that you could make a dog salivate by ringing a dinner bell, said that it takes 21 days for anyone to develop a new habit. You’ll notice that if you move wastepaper basket to the other side of your desk, you’ll throw paper on the floor for about 21 days until you break your old habit and start a new one. If you move to a new home, it takes about 21 days before it starts feeling like home. If you start a new job, it takes roughly 21 days for it to feel as if it’s what you do for a living rather than a new job.

So here’s what you’re going to do in the following 21 days. You’re going to transform your life into someone that you always dream of, forever.

Before you make this decision, ask yourself, “Am I serious about changing my life? Do I really want to live a successful life?”

Once you’ve answered the above questions, it is time for you to be committed and ready to change your life. I bet that you knew what I’m going to ask you to do. Well, if you want to change your bad habit, you’ll have to do it consistently for the next 21 days.

If you want your goals to fully sink into your subconscious mind, you’ll have to write down your goals for the following 21 days. If you want to stop smoking, don’t smoke for 21 days and you’ll change the habit. If you’re going to lose weight by exercising every morning, wake up early and exercise for the next 21 days.

So if you get into the habit of looking at your objectives everyday for the next 21 days, you will have created a new habit, and what a difference it will make in your life.

Are you ready to change your life? In fact, you already know how you can change your life. Just do what you suppose to do in the next 21 days and you’ll form the new habit in your life. Here are some of the guidelines that will be able to help you in changing your life within 21 days…

1. Take 100% Responsibility

Within these 21 days, don’t make any excuses, don’t blame and don’t complain. Take 100% responsibility. This is the first thing that you must do to change your life. For things to change, you must first change yourself. Always remember this, nothing will change if you’re not changing.

You may say that you’re not responsible for the economic downturn. True, but once you take 100% responsibility, you’ll have the control over the situation. Instead of blaming the economy, you’ll learn how to cope with the obstacles you’re currently facing.

What I mean here is that you must change the response that you make in your life. For example, if you earned an extra $100, what you do with this extra $100 will be your response. You can choose to spend all of this extra money or you can choose to invest this $100 and increase your net worth. It is the response that you make that will change your life.

As you can see now, if you learn to take 100% responsibility, you’ll have the ability to control the situation and you are in charge of your own life. Therefore, in the following 21 days, don’t blame, don’t complain and don’t make any excuses in your life. Once you found out that you’re making any of these mistakes, stop immediately and focus on positive thoughts.

2. Focus In Where You Are Heading

You must live a directed life in these 21 days. So know what you really want to achieve in your life, write down your goals once every morning after you woke up and once every night before you sleep. You need to sink the idea of your goals into your subconscious mind and this is what you’ll have to do.

If you have your goals, you can then stay focused in your life and live your life in a direction. Goal setting is not a magic wand, it is something that allows you to be focused and know what you really want to achieve in your life. Can you imagine a life without goal?

Most people live a mediocre life because they don’t have a goal. They wake up every morning, get ready and go to work. They come back only after work, have dinner with their family, watch TV for the night and prepare to sleep. This is their day. Do you want to live this kind of life? It is a life without a clear direction of getting what you want.

Thus, make sure you follow through and write down your goals every morning and every night. By doing this for consecutive 21 days, you’ll experience huge change in your life after that.

3. Motivate, Learn and Improve

One of the reasons for causing inaction is because of the lack of motivation. If you don’t have the motivation, you’ll never take action. You need motivation to keep you going in your life, to achieve what you want, to earn more, to be a millionaire and to be successful.
Therefore, take a self-improvement book and read it for at least 15 minutes everyday. If you don’t have any, buy one.

You need to learn to grow.
If you’re not learning, you’ll stop to grow. Learning and keep on improving is crucial in bringing you to your ultimate success. Almost every successful person encourages you to learn because they know that learning will shape your mind, change your thinking and thus, change your life.
However, learning itself will not bring you what you want. You need to take action to get to where you want to be…

4. Take Action Everyday

Once you’ve your goals written down and your action plan created. It is time for you to follow through your action plan and achieve your goals. So take at least 3 action steps everyday for the following 21 days. You MUST do this. No matter how busy you are, take 3 actions even if you need to sleep late.

This is the most important habit you must develop during these 21 days. You must develop the habit of taking consistent action everyday. You know it very well that if you are just sitting right there doing nothing, you’ll achieve your goals.

Success is about getting things done. The more things you get them done, the more results you’ll receive. This is what separates a successful person from an ordinary one. Every successful person is a go-getter. So learn to be a go-getter in the following 21 days.


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