Monday, December 8, 2008

Sex isn’t all about f@cking

Most people think they know what sex is and what it’s all about. However in this article I will dive a little bit deeper into what I think sex ACTUALLY is, what its true purpose is, and then how the energy that fuels sex can utilized and channeled into other areas of life.
Thus I say sex is not limited to the bedroom, sex isn’t just about f@cking.

What is sex really?

Usually the word sex conjures images of the physical act of intercourse. But I think that this act is only part of the whole image; only one variable in the equation. Basically sex in the fundamental sense is the manifestation of pure creative energy. Sex itself is a creative act.
Sexual energy is the energy behind all of creation. It is the fuel of creation.

What is its purpose?

Like sunlight and rain, the sexual-emotional energies flowing within and around us provide critical nourishment to our manifesting world. Energy, as it moves through humans, becomes matter.

Energy-in-motion serves as the raw material with which we participate in the co-creation of reality. Each of us succeeds or fails in life to the degree that we give form and direction to this creative force.

What else can we use this energy for?

This energy can be used as fuel for creative passions, meaning instead of the energy coming out of the genitals, it is being channeled through the mind instead. Thus ideas are magnified and charged with a powerful, creative energy.

The thoughts become clearer and more focused and the mind itself becomes shaper and more efficient due to the surplus of energy at its disposal.

This energy can also be used for raising consciousness, because there are certain techniques used to pull the energy up from the sexual organs into the brain, thus energizing the brain and raising the consciousness to higher levels.

This totally changes the meaning of the saying “ Don’t get high on your own supply”

When one builds up a certain level of this energy they seem to emit almost a magnetic charge. This charge is often felt by the opposite sex and also the charge helps to speed up the process of manifestation by pulling the desired objects of manifestation closer to the individual.

Think of a very charismatic individual that you know personally or know of.

Think of the attraction or the charge that people feel towards this person and you will begin to get an idea of what I am referring to here.

Basically it boils down to the fact that people are attracted to energetic, charismatic, and magnetic personalities, whether they consciously realize it or not. So then by cultivating an abundant supply of sexual energy, using it properly, practically anyone can become charismatic and attractive.

What are the implications of tapping into this energy?

The implications of tapping into this source of energy are profound. Since sexual energy is very abundant and practically infinite, it is very hard to exhaust. Also, if we use the right techniques and strategies we can keep this energy running at a peak level at all times. We can then use this abundant energy as fuel for all of the things we seek to create in our lives.

Most humans use this energy purely for reproducing an offspring and/or they squander it carelessly. Yet the wise of past and present can and have seen the true potential for this energy. Techniques have been developed to harness and channel this energy.

Even though a seemingly infinite source of energy, creative drive, and vitality is right between their legs, many choose to ignore the possibilities that lie with in, and instead seek things from the external world.

The potential I am talking about here is basically infinite energy to create whatever the mind can conceive. And it is my assertion that having this much energy and creative potential moves us one step further from ape and one step closer to god-hood.

In closing my suggestion here is to go with in. We have all heard this saying right?
Everything you need is with in? But no one really ever took time to explain what that actually means.

Well I am laying the groundwork with this article to begin to explain what these words are actually pointing at.

Think about it like this, basically everything boils down to energy. You need energy to live. You need energy to create. And this energy has to come from somewhere right?

Life in and of itself is basically a creative act. If we live in a truly timeless universe like many mystics suggest and even modern science suggest, then in every single moment life is being born again, created again. And this takes energy right?

As I said previously sexual energy, is creative energy. It is in abundant supply and practically infinite if we learn how to use it properly.

So then if all of life is a creative act that runs on creative energy, then obviously we are going to need creative energy if we are going to live.

So the saying suggest for us to go with in, right? Well for what?

We must go with in to find the creative energy that we need to live, the energy that we need to thrive and flourish as creative beings in this physical reality. This energy is our sexual energy, our urge to create.

In closing the fact of the matter is that we are faced with a choice.

We can squander our sexual energy carelessly, we can reproduce an offspring, and/or we can utilize this energy for our own creative desires and our own personal evolution.


Peter Benjammin said...

Well presented content here! I enjoyed the thoughts you shared in the article. You express yourself well young grasshopper. There is always time for a young or old 'dog' to learn or unlearn new tricks. Sometimes the apparent is not so apparent. Developing an awareness is an important key to the process. Many people do not seek understanding in the place that can have the most impact.
As you have stated, it is looking with in for the answers. Trusting oneself is an important factor in doing this. When I was ill and with
little or no energy 24/7, the extreme discomfort caused impatience and desperation which led to (you guessed it!) more pain discomfort and fatigue. Although the example is extreme, what I'm getting at is this, we do not come to understand the true nature of what our energy that easily and what role is played in maintaining it exactly.
Although ancients and sages have unlocked some of the mysteries of the energy body, many of these ideas remain quite elusive to the public at large. A yoga or Tai chi practice, etc.. is a great way to begin the journey of a more all- encompassing energy transformation.
In turn, these actions can allow new Karma to arise which will ultimately lead to realizations and awareness and actions. You may agree that understanding, using or redirecting, the type of energy you are discussing is a constant challenge for the even the most proficient yogi or athlete. However, the simplicity in which you have presented the argument is very adequate for a place to start.
After all, even Einstein had to start with first grade too!

Good article Brandon!

P.S. It's not all about F@%king, however, it is purely dependent upon the human social situation in which it arises!! In other words, if you have a connection with someone of the same or opposite sex, it can be made on more than one level. Unfortunately, shall we say, our media likes to appeal to our more base desires!

Glowing Face Man said...

This article really struck a chord with me. I didn't realize other people thought like this too.

Brandon Gilbert said...

glowing man-

thanks for reading!

there are many of us who share this view, we just keep it to ourselves you know?