Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jing Masters Chi Formula

Jing Masters Chi Formula combines the top three adaptogenic chi tonic herbs from all over the world. Those who seek increased adaptability, energy, and vitality should take note.


Research has found that Eleuthero is an adaptogenic herb that improves the ability to handle stress. Eleuthero has been shown to reduce the activation of the adrenal cortex in response to stress. Eleuthero helps to increase physical and mental endurance and helps to improve memory. Eleuthero benefits mental and physical endurance and has powerful anti-fatigue activity. Eleuthero aids in the recovery from hard exercise. Eleuthero has been shown to improve mental alertness and work output, and aids in the recovery from mental exertion. Eleuthero helps to build blood and improves the ability of the body to absorb and efficiently use oxygen. Eleuthero is a potent immune modulator, and has in particular been shown to promote antibody formation. Eleuthero has a detoxifying action, protecting animals against various poisons. Due to these broad benefits, Jing Masters highly recommends this herb.


Rhodiola may be used as a tonic, in which case it strongly increases vitality. It is good for strengthening the body and mind, resisting fatigue, resisting a lack of oxygen and excessive radiation (including solar radiation), and for prolonging life. It is especially well known for increasing the intelligence of those who consume it regularly. Rhodiola has the action of supporting and strengthening the human body. Rhodiola has a notable restorative effect if one consumes a preparation while the tired body is recovering or is failing to recover from strong or excessive exertion.
Rhodiola also impoves Oxygen Utilization, thus consumption of Rhodiola extract can significantly improve a person’s capacity to absorb and utilize oxygen. This is a major key to the incredible benefits associated with this herb. Rhodiola is also a superior tonic for those who work from behind a desk or at a computer terminal for long periods of time. It is a powerful brain tonic and alertness enhancer. People who consume Rhodiola find that they can work for much longer without losing their ability to concentrate and create. It is a superb herb for writers, executives, Jing Masters, lawyers, etc.


Ashwagandha is a herb of the ages. It is the 'ginseng' of Indian medicine medicine, and is considered an 'adaptogen', a term used to describe herbs that improve physical energy and athletic ability, increase immunity to colds and infections and increase sexual capacity and fertility. In Indian medicine ashwaganda is considered a rasayana herb, a herb which works on a nonspecific basis to increase health and longevity. Ashwagandha is extremely nourishing for the nervous system. It helps strengthen the nerves and maintain nerve function. Ashwagandha is a also helps to enhance mental ability and performance--it helps support memory and problem-solving skills and enhances the coordinated functioning of all aspects of the brain.
One reason that Jing Masters uses ashwagandha is because of it’s reputation as a general energy-promoting, disease-preventing tonic may be its effect on the immune system. Ashwagandha may also have a mild sedative effect on the central nervous system and in animal studies it has been shown to be a muscle relaxant. It is commonly used to increase vitality, particularly when recovering from chronic illnesses and pain management for arthritic conditions. It may also help regulate blood sugar which aids in suppressing sugar cravings. Numerous modern studies have found that ashwagandha is very effective in reducing inflammation, treating tumors, decreasing stress, increasing mental activity, invigorating the body, and as an antioxidant.

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